about me

photo by Andrew Albright

Clayton Lyon is an American photographer and video producer currently residing in Northwest Arkansas. He specializes in landscape and still-life photography and employs a formal, contemporary style on both digital and film formats. At twenty-three years old and with just five years experience in photography, Clayton’s work is unique and fresh. He has also thoroughly researched both historical and contemporary photographers, drawing much of his influence from the likes of The New Topographic photographers, color pioneers such as Stephen Shore and William Eggleston, and leading photographers today such as Alec Soth, Max Pinckers and Todd Hido. Clayton recently graduated with a degree in Photography from John Brown University, where he won Photographer of the Year in 2016. In the summer of 2016, Clayton shot and edited his project, Sangre de Cristo, which he showed in his gallery at John Brown University. In 2018, Clayton founded and began curating Remnant Magazine on Instagram, featuring contemporary photographers and cultivating an international community of artists. He strives to make meaningful work that can change the way people see the world and is always looking for an opportunity to collaborate with other artists.

Contact at:

+1 (913) 406.3903